Singapore – The Fine City

On the Metro from the airport to our hostel, we met a very nice local who said, “Welcome to Singapore – our fine city. We fine you for everything.” He was a police officer for the airport and said though he makes good money, nobody wants to be a police officer in Singapore because it’s so boring! That was pretty comforting to us. From Malaysia, he said he can make an average salary in Singapore, and then live like a king whenever he visits his home; however, crime rate is about 5000x higher in Malaysia than it is in Singapore.

We arrived around 6am, and had no trouble going through immigration and customs. We found the Metro easily, and after 10 minutes of confusion trying to buy a ticket, we were in the cleanest subway car I’ve ever seen, on our way to The Little Red Dot hostel. Once arriving, we discovered that we couldn’t check in until 3:00pm. A quick glance at the useful iPod touch world clock told us that was about 8 hours away. DANGIT! All we really wanted was a shower! They let us store our packs and cases in the office area, we freshened up a bit, and headed out to explore the city.

Tourist area at the Singapore Flyer. Not a rainforest. (P.S. All pictures are made possible by Greg's camera, which he graciously loaned me after I lost mine.)

Not sure where to go, we headed south, toward the water, and wandered around the marine area. It was BLAZING hot outside, and we each drank at least 1500mL of water by 10am. We discovered the Singapore Flyer, which is Singapore’s answer to the London Eye, but opted out of the $30 trip to the top.

Around the bay we found some pretty interesting buildings, and a floating soccer pitch! If pedestrians want to get from one side of the bay to the other, you can walk across a fancy double helix bridge to the Air and Science Museum.

There seem to be a million malls in Singapore, and we keep getting lost in them whenever we try to take an inside or underground shortcut. Starbucks is everywhere – there may be more here than in downtown San Diego. At least they fill our water bottles up for free! We learned early that the biggest cost of our trip is probably going to be water. We went through about 6.5 liters of water on the first day. AND THEN, realized the tap water in Singapore is safe to drink. Oops!

On day two, we went on a wild goose hunt to find the public library because we heard the 11th floor has the best view of the city. It was about 4 miles away, but with nothing else to do, and plenty of oily, fatty foods on the menu, we figured we might as well check it out.

Unfortunately, there are 3 public libraries in Singapore, and we picked the wrong one. This one was 2 stories high, and surrounded with tall apartment buildings. FAIL.

We did get the chance to wander through part of the Red Light District, which seemed pretty tame by the light of day. We also checked out this famous Laksa eatery, but weren’t hungry enough to try it. Ah well. Apparently there was a “Laksa War” a few years ago, where tons of these eateries popped up and claimed to make the original Singapore/Malaysia Laksa. It’s a noodle soup made with coconut milk and some kind of meat – normally shrimp.

328 Katong Laksa - Won the war.

We’ve done a lot of walking here, even though the Metro is incredibly efficient and affordable. Most of the cheap food is pretty heavy in oil and sodium, so I feel better walking 8+ miles a day!

Noodle Claypot at the Haig food centre - with mystery meat and "prawns" (they're actually baby shrimp).

We’ve got one day left in Singapore, and we will be checking out the only rainforest reserve left on the island, as well as the Chinatown Heritage Center and Marina Bay Sands light/water show. I’ll keep you all posted! Here are some more pictures from our travels!



Pig Tongue for sale at the grocery store!


Only 38 bucks for a Brand New Female Torso!

Some pretty cool dragon carvings and my awesome attire.

Pig heart too! They use every part of this animal here - intestines, heart, tongue, liver...

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8 thoughts on “Singapore – The Fine City

  1. Robyn

    Great updates! Nice to see the weather seems good for you both . . . all my love!!

  2. Stines

    I really like your sneakers and where they have taken you so far :)

  3. Kathy Heisey

    So Caitlin walks among Dragons and my kid hangs out with card board Sumo dudes? Is the pig heart for eating or donating? So female torso or lady boys which is more useful?

  4. Mike

    Hey you two – Great photos. Leave it to Zac to find the Sumo Wrestlers! Not sure what you have planned but if you are any were aroung the “Sri Mariamman Temple” check it out, the architecture is incredible and fun at the same time and check out the “Singapore Flyer” – and there’s a “Superbowl” Golf & Country Club ” you could check out.

  5. Paula Tulley

    Looks like you both are having fun so far. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Much love to you both.

  6. Sheila

    Looks like this will be an adventure you both will remember for years to come! Hope you are having a great time, keep posting pictures! Stay safe, love you both!

  7. Mama Jo

    great pics. ZACKY ZAC! Thats soooo you to find the trippiest sites. Boy those pig parts look mighty tasty!!!! makes me wanna run out and buy some………………………. have fun. By the looks of your pics, it looks like you are already. Bye guys!

  8. ZILLA

    That looks awesome. I hope you guys have fun. Have you met anyone that spits fire like Zac?

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