Guest Post from Sir Heisey

Sup Wit All Deez Posts!? Caitlin has asked, nay, demanded that I provide a guest post on her blog to address all my friends and family members who have been commenting on her fantastic posts.  Sorry that my blog sucks compared to Caitlin’s, ok!?  Also, it’s much harder to come up with content for a surf travel blog when there has been no surf during your travels.

I’m really glad that Caitlin is such a great communicator when it comes to our experiences, because without her blog, we would have no pictures or details of our trip at all.  When people ask me how the trip was when we get back, their only impression would be “it was pretty sweet”, which obviously tells nothing of our culinary adventures, motorbike crashes, bouts of TD (Google it), sun burns, and daily forays into local cultures and languages.

Personally, I am in this weird place where I feel like we have been on the road for much longer than a couple of weeks, but not in a bad way.  On one hand, I am looking forward to seeing my friends and family in CA and telling them all about our travels, while on the other hand, I am getting into a “traveling groove”, and could see going from country to country for a long time.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us during our travels.  We love all of you, and look forward to seeing you guys soon.


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6 thoughts on “Guest Post from Sir Heisey

  1. Caitlin

    Also, Zac says if you go to Asia, wear sandals that are a size too big, so that when you trip (WHEN, not if) you won’t rip your toes open…over and over and over. The roads are sketchy here, but I think it’s a user error. :)

    • robin kercher

      you’re a crazy nut, my Zacky Zac…….I love reading everything you guys have been through and experienced !!! Am looking forward to all your insane antics, ( and then reading the facts from Caitlyns’ side ), colorful descriptions and outlandish detail that erupt from your immense character ……sorry, I know it’s a little over the top! Yeah, keep up the positive karma and don’t leave out a single detail !!! Love, Mom

  2. Mama Jo

    My thanks to Caitlin for her detailed updates of your travels. So true, without her posts and left up to u Zacky-zac, we would probably only hear “sic” and “sweet”. She IS quite the writer and definetly has an alternative career….
    Maybe you two could make a career out of your travels! Come on, how many reality TV shows are there? I can see it now- “New on Discovery, (then a snipet of a close up of Zac’s face underwater, with a fishy biting at your nipple and Caitlin swimming by in the background!).Throw in at the end a scene of Zac eating some mystery meat and its a rap! “Our travels with Zac & Cait” Coming soon………….
    Have fun, stay safe and keep experiencing!!! Love, Mama Jo

  3. Zac

    We could call the travel show “Zac & Cait – Fish Bait”, except that noone really calls Caitlin “Cait”, so not sure if it would work :) Love you too!!

  4. Kathy Heisey

    My sweet son each and every time we hear from you is such a treat and a blessing!. How very lucky we are that you have taken the time to keep us laughing at your very posts lol. This is such a special time for you and Caitlin. You both have been extremely kind with sharing your journey with all of us. Thank you from the Heisey Family.

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