Dang, Da Nang

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The shortest plane ride of all time was simple and comfortable. Silk Air even gave us muffins and orange juice! (Free stuff just makes everything better.) Envision getting out of the airport with very little idea of where to go, and you’ll know how we feel most travel days of our trip. Zac read about a cheap surfer’s haven on the strip of coast unofficially known as China Beach, so we hailed a cab and headed in that direction. About 15 minutes later, and after passing one fancy resort after another, our cab driver has come to a complete stop (well, almost complete; we were slowly drifting into the next lane), trying to read the address in the dark. A lightbulb seemed to suddenly go off in his head and he turned down a sketchy-looking side street, and pulled up ungracefully in front of Hoa’s Guest House. We had arrived.

Clear skies - view of the city

The place where we stayed really made our time in Da Nang enjoyable. The no-frills guest house is a stone’s throw from the sand, and the family dinner and overall environment helped us meet some really cool people. Zac even found a buddy to surf with for a few days, and I had a running companion for an entire 4-mile run!

Zac doing his thing. Pretty sweet action shot courtesy of Dan from London.

(And they even provided critters for midnight entertainment…)

Not what you want to find waiting for you when nature calls.

My favorite part of the trip was our afternoon hike up Marble Mountain. It’s really more of a hill, and there’s not a lot of hiking, more like walking up stairs, but it was very enjoyable. It’s always nice to burn a few L-B’s doing a touristy thing, you know, killing two birds with one stone and all that.

The top viewpoint of Marble Mountain

The view was really great, and we even found some hidden little spots to climb for a better view or another path. It was a nice way to pass an afternoon, and I wish we’d stayed up there to see the sunset!

One of the many views from Marble Mountain

Something outta Indian Jones!

We rented a motorbike again and took a day trip to Hoi An. It was kind of a cool little town, but as I’m not one for shopping, and the concept of having a dress made for me is altogether intimidating, we didn’t find much excitement.

Japanese Bridge in Hoi An

The french colonial architecture was pretty nice, but the overall feel of the place was incredibly touristy. Things were priced higher than in Da Nang and Saigon, so we just wandered for a bit to say we’d been there.

Hoi An shops and such

Just before leaving, we stumbled upon a delicious Banh Mi stand for the best local sandwiches money can buy. It was my favorite part of Hoi An!

Banh Mi stand!

While chatting it up waiting for our sandwich, we discovered that Anthony Bourdain actually went to this place on one of his shows. (No Reservations, I believe.)

Anthony Bourdain’s Banh Mi

And just for the record, our Banh Mi was just as elaborate, so it wasn’t specially made for Mr. Celebrity Chef.

With a full tank of gas, we headed back to Da Nang, and decided to try our hand at reaching a huge, but far-off statue on the other end of the inlet. It was gigantic, but everything was in Vietnamese, so I have no clue what it’s purpose was.


That little white dot is the statue.

Another large statue.

Spring Roll fixins


After some “world famous” do-it-yourself spring rolls, we spent the last day just lounging around the beach, and headed to the train station for an overnighter up to Hanoi. It was the best traveling sleep we’ve had, but it was an experience in and of itself. From diaperless babies peeing in the hallway to a smelly roommate with a broken leg, it’s a journey we won’t soon forget. We’re now in Hanoi for about a week, and then it’s off to Hong Kong to see Jayme!

Oh, and just so you know, I’ve started putting the links to my Facebook albums at the top of the blog so you can see all of the pictures. Thanks!


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6 thoughts on “Dang, Da Nang

  1. Paula Tulley

    I was worried about you after hearing about the earthquakes. So happy to hear you you are both safe and having fun. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. My love to you both.

  2. Jayme

    So that big white statue? Yea, apparently it was just sponsored by some rich tourist that thought it was a nice view, so lets put a Buddha statue here.

  3. Kathy Heisey

    Good to see you hitting the waves Zac! You look amazing. Missing you like crazy. :-)

  4. Robyn

    Great updates – thanks Cait! That really is a great shot of Zac surfing!

  5. ooh I have to visit sometime! for the food and beaches mostly :)

  6. F’n spiders you should have seen the one on the trail in Malaysia and also Singapura
    the thing had a body of about 7-8 inches and feet out trom that. It hung in a tree across the hiking trail. I love everythung about SE Asia except those suckers. The FOOD I can still taste expecially at Newton Circue in S’pore.

    But do not look in the corners and do not go to a wet market before 10AM you will see things that make your stomach turn and question what Fido you just ate. Ignorance is bliss and sometimes self protection. But you are having a fab trip and love the pics. OH Im a x-worker and still friend of Tony and Blanche

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