Tokyo Part Two – LAST STOP

After spending a lovely day and a half in Mount Fuji, arriving back in Tokyo was quite a change! The fast-paced and overly polite (yet standoffish) concrete jungle comes as a bit of a shock. I must say, what the Mt. Fuji area lacks in nightlight, Tokyo delivers tenfold.

View from Jaime's Apartment

The very last leg of our trip was spent at my sister’s friend’s apartment in Akasaka (near Roppongi). Jaime has a lovely apartment, with an amazing view. On clear days, it’s possible to see Mt. Fuji from here, and he has an unbelievable picture to prove it.

We definitely got to see a different side of Tokyo this time around. The first week we were here, we did a lot of daytime sightseeing, festival-attending, and city walking. This time we got a taste of how locals and expats live as Jaime took us around to several local spots.

Tokyo Tower on Roppongi-Dori

This portion of the Tokyo trip was a ton of fun! We had a great group of people, we went to Karaoke, and we even stayed up until the sun rose (accidentally). It was a sushi-filled fun weekend, and I think we’re all a little sad to move on to the real world.

Crusing around the million-story club. Entry is pricey, but includes 2 free drinks!

After meeting up with Jayme and Jialeou on Saturday, we headed over to Shibuya for some more sightseeing, and I got a better shot of the Shibuya Crossing. (I think some people call it the Shibuya Shuffle.)

Shibuya Crossing - The busiest pedestrian intersection in the world!

We also wanted to see some of the Shibuya girls and the Harajuku girls. The Shibuya girls are either evil or angels and take turns hanging out around the station on Sundays – kind of like mall rats. The Harajuku girls are male or female, and dress up in costume just to walk around town and do normal things. Very entertaining to see.

Harajuku Girls

We also wandered around Yoyogi park again. It’s kind of similar to Central Park, and we got some pretty great shots of the Rockabilly dancers and shrines and stuff.


That's a pet meerkat!

Washing before heading to the shrine

We spent another night out on the town and had an amazing time at Karaoke! The Japanese just do everything better! They have these tiny, (creepy) little rooms that you rent by the hour. We fit 8 people in our room and sang/shouted to a variety of songs for two hours. It also included unlimited drinks while we were there.

Karaoke shot

We all planned to go home afterwards, but were having so much fun that we went to Jaime’s favorite club for the rest of the night. When they turned the lights on to indicate closing time, we headed out INTO THE SUNLIGHT. Yes, it was 5am. So surreal. When I finally went to bed at 6:30 I had to turn my alarm off 15 minutes later. What a way to end the trip!

We were all in better shape than these guys!

When our hosts headed to work, the four of us wandered around town some more and got to experience a traditional Tea Ceremony. Some people say it’s boring (and I could see why), but I thought it was kind of cool, and the tea was unbelievably delicious.

Tea Ceremony

On our very last day, Zac and I got up at 3:30am to see the largest tuna auction in the world at the famous Tsujiki Fish Market. I was definitely glad to experience it, especially since we’d recently watched a Vanguard documentary about it.

In line at the Fish Market

Afterwards, we had a fresh fish rice bowl for breakfast!


After a lovely lunch with the crew, we all headed our separate ways to start the journey back to the real world. It’s hard to articulate the experiences we’ve had on this trip, especially here in Japan, and my blog has not done this place justice. We’re all packed and ready to hit the road, railways, and skies for our respective journeys home. Don’t worry Jaime, we’ll see you soon!

The crew!! (Blurry, but oh well!) Jialeou, Caitlin, Zac, Jaime, Maya, Jayme

Jayme and Jaime - Namesakes!

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3 thoughts on “Tokyo Part Two – LAST STOP

  1. Paula Tulley

    Caitlin, thank you once again for sharing. The meerkat with the backpak very cute, the picture of Zac at Karaoke and you at the fish market priceless.
    Have a safe trip home, I can’t wait to see you both later this week.

  2. wow can’t believe your amazing trip is over! :) Looks like you had a great time!

  3. Robyn

    So great to be able to read and see all your experiences! What a journey!

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