Road Trippin' USA

Hello again! I promised to update with road trip details, even though they’re not nearly as interesting as Asia details.

Our first stop back in the US was San Jose to see Zac’s family and attend his youngest brother’s high school graduation. It was a fun weekend, and I was so happy to be running again.

UC Santa Cruz Bound!


Zac and Austin

After that, it was 1 week in San Diego! We were able to get together with some of our friends, amidst the unpacking and repacking of our belongings. We did empty our storage unit in 2 trips, in about 3.5 hours. I was pretty impressed by that. It’s kind of hard getting rid of several years’ worth of belongings, but Zac is a pro. He has his backpack of clothes, and 3 boxes to his name. I have considerably more stuff…

The day we left, Zac got to spend about 4 hours selling his car back to CarMax. He’d already gotten an offer, but when he went to sell it the day before, they said his registration had expired. So he had to re-register his car the morning we left. But wait, you can’t register without a smog check! Poor guy, just running around from AAA to car shops to Carmax all morning.

We finally hit the road at 11:45 for a long trip to Salt Lake city. We stopped 2 or 3 times for gas and Subway (yeah, I know, but it’s the best option in the circumstances), and finally made it to the hotel around midnight. Apparently they don’t have as many parking spots as they have hotel rooms, so I then had to drive around for 20-30 minutes to find a spot. Blech. After 12.5 hours of driving, that’s NOT what you wanna do! This was probably the hardest leg of the trip, since driving through Las Vegas was unbelievably hot – around 104 degrees. We aren’t using A/C for several reasons – conserve gas, keep my car from overheating, conserve my A/C belt, etc. This was the only time it really sucked.

Zac slowly learning to drive a manual...

The next day, we were up bright and early, packed the car, and met my old friend Missy for breakfast as 7:30! It was so amazing to see her after a good 4 or 5 years, I just wish we’d taken a picture together!

We were on the road to Omaha by 8:45, and set out for a straight shot on I-80 East. The speed limit in this area is 75 mph, so we made really good time, and got 42 mpg! That was exciting for me and my baby blue. My car also hit 100,000 miles. All grown up now!  (We were also pulled over for going 81 mph after arriving in NE, and simply got a warning. WHEW! I won’t say who was driving!)

About 14-15 hours later, we arrived at Zac’s buddy Steve Fox’s house around 11:30 at night. It was a great feeling knowing that we didn’t have to drive anywhere in the morning!

We spent the weekend in Omaha, attending a rehearsal dinner, wedding, etc., and I’ll include those details and pictures in the next blog.

We’re currently in Lincoln, NE for the week, and we’ll be back on the road this Sunday.


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