Nebraska – "The Good Life"

Well, I have thus far done a terrible job of posting our travels across the U.S.A. We’ll start where we left off: Nebraska.

Nebraska is hot. It’s a kind of hot that I’ve never really experienced too much before. Try running in 102 degrees. I don’t even care what people say about, “at least it’s a dry heat,” because when there’s a breeze, it feels like a hot blow dryer right to your face.

We started off the weekend in Omaha, where Zac’s buddy was getting married.

It was pretty cool to hang out for a few days in Omaha. I tried to run a few days, but it was pretty difficult with all the late nights + hot, hot heat. The wedding was super fun, and since Zac was a groomsman, he and I got to ride on the 3-hour party bus between the ceremony and the reception.

Bride and Groom on the party bus.

After a crazy weekend, we headed up to Lincoln, NE, where Zac went to college. We stayed with his buddy Nate, and had a pretty chill week. We walked around his college campus and the UNL campus one day, sat around the pool, and went to Pioneer’s Park, which is a pretty big park with trails and animals and stuff.

Zac and Nate

The day before we left, Zac and I went over to the Blue Blood Brewery for a very detailed tour. This tiny brewery has only been open since last December, so the owners are really excited about their beer.

Harry and Lloyd - After Dumb and Dumber

Then we went to the lake near Nate’s place to relax on the grass/sand. The entire Huskers football team was there having a summer barbeque and playing volleyball. They’re pretty huge in person.

Nate is one of those hardcore runners that can just up and run 15 miles after a two-week vacation, so Zac and I probably ran more during this part of the trip than any other. You have to be careful about the heat, and make sure you go super early or super late, but it was nice to run around the neighborhood after dark anyway. It’s hot and flat, and I had some of the roughest runs ever there. I’ve got too much San Diego skin for this midwest heat!

That’s the main gist of Nebraska. We had a really fun time, and it was nice to hang out with a lot of Zac’s friends that he doesn’t get to see very often. One of his college buddies moved to Kansas City, MO for school, with his fiance, so we stopped by their place on the way to St. Louis. Jake and Kelsea had a great apartment, and we were able to hang out, check out the Power and Light District, and eat some Kansas City BBQ. Note to all: Oklahoma Joe’s is closed on Sundays.

Kelsea and Zac

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