Virginia Is For Lovers

Guess what? I stopped writing blogs after New Orleans! Sorry!

I kind of got busy, kind of got lazy, and also kind of reached the main people who were reading my blog anyway. So if we’re living it together, why blog about it? Well, this little website might not be around after December, so I figured I should include all my favorite people on it before it either disappears or changes to a different blog and domain.

Zac and I spent about 2-3 days with my brother in Clemson, where it was hot, hot, hot. That town is tiny, and we had no idea. We walked around the campus one day, and spent some time at a nearby lake, but after a while, you really get sick of the heat. It was great to see my little bro though, so I’m glad we made the stop!

Me and Alex

Upward and onward to the main chunk of the trip: Virginia.

My parents live in a little bitty town near Charlottesville, Virginia, and my high school friends are mostly scattered around Cville and Northern VA. It was fun to spend some time with my parents, who lead a much different lifestyle than they did when all the kids were home. Their life these days is rather charmed. They took out to breweries, wineries, and delicious restaurants.

Prepping for Tubing with Jayme, Mom, Bekah, and Zac

We even went tubing down the James! (Sans DAD.) Pops is scared of the sun, so he remained in his cubicle for that one. My sister showed up from India/Hong Kong/Dubai for the last week that we were in VA, and she was such a trooper about the tubing, even though she has the same sun-o-phobia as our dad. Tubing always surprises me by being more fun than I first expect, and some of my friends were able to join Zac, Jayme, my mom and I out on the river. Chet had a waterproof boom box, and just about everything is better with music.

With three weeks to kill in a sleepy little town, Zac and I did a whole lot of computer work, and a whole lot of nothing. We did walk around UVA, do a little “hiking” and such, but that’s about the extent of it.

Monticello Path

It was nice to run in my old neighborhood again, and I even got to run my old Cross Country course at Pleasant Grove. My only regret is not seeing my old coach. I tried to stalk her down, and even went to her house, but alas, no luck!

Zac had never been to our nation’s capital, so we took him on a day trip up to Washington D.C. on the day before the wedding. It was a little rainy, but we still had fun. We got to see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and some other stuff I don’t remember.



My lovely friend Bridget got married on July 21, and I’m so happy I was there for the bachelorette party and the wedding. It was a blast to have so many close friends around for such a happy occasion!

The only picture you get to see from the bachelorette party!

The wedding was beautiful, of course, but it was also full of silly little mishaps. Bridget is one of the most amazing people you could ever know, and she deserves the best, but she’s always the one that gets a rainy wedding day, a fender bender, and a fire alarm (complete with firefighters and a fire truck) all surrounding her nuptials. But, hey, who else gets a picture with a fire truck on their wedding day?

The Wedding Party and the Fire Truck

After Bridget’s wedding, I got to hang out with someone of my friends for a few more days, and even had a lovely and delicious meal at Bekah’s apartment, cooked by her lovely and talented sister Rachel. Then it was good-bye to hometown, VA and hello New Jersey!


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