Lima, Peru: Week One

Hello Friends and Family!

We are here! As most of you know, we flew out of San Jose early Monday morning, and didn’t arrive until very late that night. In fact, we left the house at 4:45am on Monday and arrived around 12:15am on Tuesday. That’s a long day!

Our host, Maria, is a local Peruvian who has a three-bedroom apartment, which she just began renting out using Airbnb and Couchsurfing. The building is brand new, so it is quite nice and very safe. She has another guest right now from Turkey, and he has been very nice and helpful as well.

Maria and Caner

Maria and Caner

On our first full day here, we walked about 5-6 miles around town, including the 40-minute walk to the center of Miraflores from Maria’s apartment. Unfortunately, my stress fracture (diagnosed in Nov, then cleared for running and walking short distances Jan 1) began acting up again, and aching to the point where I could not walk home! We snagged a cab for about $3.50 and I spent the following day, Wednesday, in the apartment icing and resting while Zac ran errands. Hopefully I’ll have a bike by next Monday, and once we’re settled, I’ll get some orthopedic insoles to help with this metatarsalgia.

Luckily, cabin fever was minimal because I was able to apply to jobs and do some serious apartment hunting. We haven’t found the perfect apartment yet, but we’re looking at three more tomorrow, so our hopes are pretty high!

The only other thing I have to say before I leave you is this: when they say don’t eat the salads, DON’T EAT THE SALADS.

That’s about it for our first week, but we’re still pretty excited to be here. The food is amazing, especially the ceviche, and I’m sure things will start to fall into place over the next couple of days/weeks.

Also, this is the kitchen we’ve been working with the entire time at Maria’s! Now THAT’s a cooking challenge!


There’s the update, peeps! You can expect official blog posts and pictures very soon.

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One thought on “Lima, Peru: Week One

  1. I like your email version of the salad story better… ;o) xoxo

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