Mercado de Surquillo

We have a supermarket a block and a half from our apartment in both directions, but that’s like shopping at a Vons/Harris Teeter/ Whole Foods in the middle of NYC: Expensive.

I’m cheap, and I don’t mind working hard for my food, so I spend 2-3 days a week at the local mercado (market), which is the closest thing to a cheap farmer’s market here in Miraflores. It can be stressful, and I’m not big on haggling, but it’s cool watching these unique professionals do their thing. While men rule the workforce here in Peru, women rule the market. That’s not to say that they’re the ones buying the produce; they’re the ones selling it. It’s challenging going in without much Spanish, but when it comes to food shopping Zac is like a little kid spending an afternoon at Home Depot. (CRANKY)


Today I got all of these amazing fruits and vegetables, plus a hunk of parmesan, 1/2 a kilo of beef, and a kilo of potatoes, all for 37 soles! Do you know what that means?

37 soles to USD

Nuts! I’d like to say that this would last us a week or so, but based on our preference for vegetables, I find that very unlikely. A pound of asparagus is cheaper than 2 oranges. That’s crazy to me after coming from the abundance of oranges in California. (CA did oranges long before FL came onto the scene.)

For those of you who read my last post, you know that this cheap produce doesn’t come without a cost. Now that our stomachs are a little stronger, we can skip a step or two, but my germaphobic tendencies normally prevail in the kitchen.

Mercado de Surquillo:

Mercado de Surquillo MEAT. I definitely DON'T recommend buying your meat here though. This open market is for vegetables and produce.

Mercado de Surquillo MEAT. I definitely DON’T recommend buying your meat here though. This open market is for vegetables and produce.

Mercado de Surquillo PRODUCE

Mercado de Surquillo PRODUCE

Mercado de Surquillo CHEESE

Mercado de Surquillo CHEESE

We’ve made several delicious dishes here in Peru. Sautes, quinoa with stir fried veggies, Chicken rocoto with potatoes, salads, pasta a la delicious and more. It’s really nice having a wide variety of affordable produce at my disposal, but many other items are disproportionately expensive. It’s a really interesting change. Healthy food is the more affordable option here in Lima!


I leave you with a recent meal we enjoyed on our rooftop terrace with our fancy bamboo ToGo Ware! You see linguini (tallarin) with tomatoes, asparagus, and red pepper flakes; salad with black beans, avocado, chicken and dark bread croutons. We’ve had some more creative dishes as well, but this happens to be the only meal that got a photo shoot. Have you made anything delicious and local lately? Tell me about it! :)

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4 thoughts on “Mercado de Surquillo

  1. Wow this is awesome!! The price, the meal, the Peru adventures!

  2. Ha – I’ve gotten used to Asia/Mexico prices, I looked at your cost and thought, yea, that’s about right… wish I was doing so well in the cooking department, I need to get back on my game!

  3. dad

    Looks like a great meal. Yum!

  4. Aww, I remember when you guys got your ToGo Ware! *Memories*

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