Signs and Sights of Lima

The most interesting thing about a foreign country, besides the food of course, is the way they communicate.  Whether it’s a high reliance on body language and eye contact, or the simple use of different signs and symbols in public places. I like to see what they use for their marketing tactics, and how their celebrities relate to the people. There are some pretty amazing aspects of different cultures in general, and here are a few of my favorite photos from around town.

Here we have an example of the packaging around a yoga mat I purchased at the “swap meet” style market Polvos Rosado. The girl in the middle just really makes me wanna get my yoga on.


Then we’ve got the very specific sign on the bus:


Make sure you’re not giving your seat up for just any heavy person, okay? There’s gotta be a FETUS in there.

This one is all about preventing sexual harassment on the bus!

I can't remember exactly what the words are, it was a bumpy, late-night bus ride, but I think the picture speaks for itself.

I can’t remember exactly what the words are, it was a bumpy, late-night bus ride, but I think the picture on the right speaks for itself.

This lady gets to ride around on a bike all day selling coffee?? Sign me up!


Best. Job. Ever

Oh, and this one tells you to OPEN THE WINDOW TO PREVENT TUBERCULOSIS. Hi, please don’t get on the bus if you have tuberculosis. Thanks. Sincerely, everyone else.


There are a lot of street performers throughout the city, but my favorite is when they take advantage of the 74-second red light (yes, there’s a countdown) and get all circus-like in the intersection. I just got the tail end of this, but that guy was juggling while standing on his partner’s shoulders. Pretty neat!


Okay, this picture encapsulates our favorite discovery. On Sundays here in Miraflores, we have something called “Ciclovia,” where the entire street (normally a very busy road) is closed to cars, and open to pedestrians, bikers, bladers, skaters, etc. About a block’s-worth of the street is used for this amazing scene you’ll see below.


Yep, dancing aerobics with like 200 people, in the middle of the street. As far as I know, anybody can join, but there are some pretty serious dancers out there. This picture shows the people near the back who aren’t quite so talented, but still far better than me! Zac and I keep saying we’ll join, but we haven’t quite plucked up the courage yet.

Here’s a dog, sitting in the middle of the park, just chowing down.


We’ve also got some interesting art throughout the city.


This one is a little strange to me because they’re actually pretty sexist here, so you don’t see a lot of strong women characters. But hey, that’s what makes it awesome!

That’s it for me! Zac & I say hi to you all from this beautiful view of a beach in Chorrillos. (A 20-minute bus ride south from our apartment.)


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One thought on “Signs and Sights of Lima

  1. Hi! I read the article you wrote, “First World Problems;” I am actually teaching English in Chile right now, and I have a lot of Peruvian students, so I was curious about Peru… I will read up on your blog; it would be interesting to compare notes. I have a blog:

    I really liked your article; I am at the point of days and weeks of being “the foreigner” have suddenly really irritated me! So, I got what you were saying. I think I just need to chat with some other people in the same shoes ;) Hope all is well and to hear from you.

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