Adventure Itinerary: Part one

IT’S HERE! Maybe not quite as exciting as boarding a plane to Singapore with a one-way ticket and a bundle of cash, but our trip around Peru and South America is exciting in its own way. We still can’t decide if we should go South (Mendoza Malbec? yes please!) or North (sunshine? need it!) after Cuzco and PM.

In case you want to keep tabs on our journey around Peru & South America, this is what we’ve got so far:

FIrst few weeks of the trip!

FIrst few weeks of the trip!

Sept 2: Bus to Ica (4 hours)  – 2 nights in Ica, sand-boarding, watching the sunrise, relaxing, etc. WE might also get the chance to tour the vineyard of one of Zac’s student’s friends…it’s all about who you know!

Sept 4: Overnight (10-12 hours) bus to Arequipa – Andean COOKING CLASS (yup yup yup), 2-day Colca Canyon Trek (possibly the deepest canyon in the world, they always argue about that), mostly a lot of eating.

Sept 10: 10 hour bus to Cusco (10 hours)  – We planned to take a quick 5ish hour bus to Puno, which is where Lake Titicaca is located, but the city of Puno just had an epic snowstorm, stranding 12,000 families, and killing 250,000 Alpacas (but I thought their coats were so warm!) It sounds pretty rough out there, so instead we’re going straight to Cuzco. Everybody loves Cuzco! Well, we were originally going to take part in some sort of hike – The Inca Trail, Salkantay, Lares Trek – but they’re just SO EXPENSIVE. We found that we could do much cheaper treks elsewhere (Arequipa, Huarez), so we will not be shelling out the $600+ to walk the paths of Chaskis and Incans. Although I like to think I was a Chaski in a previous life. We’re heading up to Machu Picchu on Friday Sept. 13th!

Sept 15: 10 hour bus to Puerto Maldonado. We’re signing up for a clean-up project in the Amazon jungle in Puerto Maldonado. Supposedly we’ll be helping to protect the turtles. Yay TORTUGAS!

Eventually we will either bus it down to Chile and Argentina, or make our way up the Peruvian coast to relax on the beaches and enjoy the beginnings of Spring/Summer. Finally we’ll have to take a series of buses and trains back to Lima to hop our flight to Mexico City.

Nov 6: Flight to Mexico City to visit my sister and her newly acquired husband. She’s doing a lot of super-planning for this trip, but I think there will be lots of tacos and sunshine! AND WE LOVE TACOS.

Nov 19: Back to The States!

So, that’s the plan! We’re up at 5:30am on Monday morning to catch our bus to Ica, and then it’s bon voyage Lima! Stay tuned!

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