Update + Trujillo Tips

First and foremost, I am going to embarrass my sister by saying how incredibly impressed I am with her. She is working in Mexico now, 100% in SPANISH! This is a girl who didn’t take Spanish until graduate school. Who blundered through French and Japanese though middle school, high school, and college (like me). Who grew up on the east coast with a lot more Italian influences than Mexican or Spanish, in a place where the only “Mexican” food was at Guadalajara. And now she works totally in Spanish. SO PROUD!

I would have even posted a picture of her, but she’s cranky about photos and I think I’m pushing it with all this attention anyway.

So, for those of you interested in my travels, not my family, we are gearing up for our last big stop in Peru. The Amazon Jungle!! I couldn’t be more excited about this. We were originally going to do a volunteering program in Puerto Maldonado, but we missed our first chance cause we had trouble getting the Yellow Fever shot, and then the whole thing fell through. Instead, we’re heading to Iquitos for about a week. This is a part of the jungle towards the north of Peru, and it is very popular among tourists. We will stay in a Iquitos for about a week, including a 3-day-2-night jungle tour!

Iquitos, Peru

Iquitos, Peru

I’m not looking forward to bug bites. I’m sure there will be plenty, so we’ve got 2 cans of terrible chemicals to spray all over ourselves and our clothes to keep the mosquitos at bay. We’re going to see so many crazy animals and wild monkeys and awesome Amazonian fish. My camera is charged and ready.

We head out in the morning – leaving at about 5:30am to catch a cab to the airport. I look forward to sharing some awesome photos with you all next week!

We just spent the weekend in Lima, staying at our friend Maria’s place. We were FINALLY able to buy our flight to the jungle – which we couldn’t do online, so we’d been worried we couldn’t go. Apparently you can go to the Star Peru office to buy your flight, but there aren’t any offices in Trujillo.

Anyway, we did some clothes-swapping, some hanging and eating and card-playing, and it was great.

Zac, Maria, and Miranda!

Zac, Maria, and Miranda!

La Lucha Treat - Peruvian Fries and Milkshakes

La Lucha Treat – Peruvian Fries and Milkshakes

Additionally, we ate fried peanut butter, banana, and jelly sandwiches. Better than they sound.

Soren = our guru on all not-so-healthy foods

Soren = our guru on all not-so-healthy foods

Let it be known that this was the follow-up to Beef Burgundy with fresh green beans.

Swimming B, PB, & J's

Swimming B, PB, & J’s

Finished Product

Finished Product

I’m not big on battered & fried things. And I (gasp) don’t like peanut butter and jelly. But, this was surprisingly good. I know, who am I?? It was like eating a peanut butter and banana beignet a la Cafe du Monde. (New Orleans) Go ahead, try it.

Trujillo Tips

So, for the travelers out there, here are the tips I have to share about Trujillo!

There really doesn’t seem to be much to do in Trujillo. I think there is a museum – maybe two – and you can check out the Chan Chan ruins. After we left, we heard they were really awesome, but we didn’t get the chance to check them out.

We liked Huanchaco a lot; it’s a small little beach town without much to do though. There’s a good market for produce and starches and some packaged goods like tea and pasta. I wouldn’t recommend buying meat there, ever, but you can get super fresh fish right off the boat if you’re paying attention. There are lots of fishermen that come in throughout the day, and they’re more than willing to sell you a fish as soon as they hit the shore.

If you arrive by Cruz del Sur, walk RIGHT out of the terminal, take a RIGHT at the end of the block, and continue walking until you hit the main road near the blue walls. You can cross the road and continue straight to get to Plaza de Armas, or you can take any bus marked Huanchaco (on your side of the street, heading to the right) to get to the little beach town. To get back to Cruz del Sur, you’ll take the B bus from Huanchaco, which will take you to this same corner.

On our time back in Huanchaco, we stayed at Hostel Oceana again – which was a pretty comfortable place at a decent price. However, try to get room 5, NOT room 1. Room 1 sucks. We had to stay there during our second time in Huanchaco. No windows to outside, super super loud because it’s at the very top of the stairs, across from the roof exit, so you get whiffs of smoke every time the employees head out for a cigarette. Request room 5 instead. Room 5 is great.

Also, if you make it to Huanchaco, you should eat lunch every day at the same place. We did! Find the My Friend Hostel, and walk about a block (away from the beach) past it. You will see a restaurant with a 6 – soles lunch menu written on a chalkboard. Lots of items like lomo saltado, arroz chaufa, arroz a la cubana, etc. Go there. It’s the best meal for the money in the whole town. Soup + huge Peruvian dish for about $2.16. Zac and I normally shared our meals. I’m not a big fan of most chinese food or Chifas, but this place has some killer Arroz Chaufa.



Okay well, see ya in the Jungle!!!

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2 thoughts on “Update + Trujillo Tips

  1. Paula Tulley

    Have a great time, be safe and thanks for keeping us posted Caitlin. Much love you and Zac.

  2. Sheila

    Caity, you two have had such adventures! Jayme has Jorge to help her, lol. Very proud of her also. Have a safe trip in the jungle. Do you have to keep your arms and legs covered? See you soon, love you! Give our love to Zac also.

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