Running the World



  • Date: April 13, 2012
  • Distance: 3.8 Miles

All of the backpackers and tourists stay in the same general area in Hanoi, just a block or two from the lake. I had a great run around here. We ran to the lake and Zac circled it with me twice, then I did one more for a little more length. It’s about a mile around the whole thing. Also, some local chick blew a kiss at him.


  • Date: April 11, 2012
  • Distance: 4 Miles

We met a Canadian couple at our guest house, and I convinced Katie to join me for a 7:15 run. We made it a leisurely 4 miles (8:45 pace) and it was great! Maybe not the most scenic run of all time, but it was nice to have a running partner for more than 2 miles.

  • Date: April 8, 2012
  • Distance: 1 Mile

We had a couple of beers on our first night, and I dragged a fellow hosteler out of bed; the 6:45 wake up call for a run was hard on my companion. We ran on the beach for a mile, and then stomach pains made us call it quits. Went for a 30-minute dip in the ocean instead. Ah well, can’t win ’em all.


Siem Reap

  • Date: April 10, 2012
  • Distance: 3.1 Miles
  • Solo

Maybe it was just that I hadn’t run in so long, but I was so happy to get out for a short run in cambodia. I headed out around 6:30am, and the heat/traffic were both manageable. There’s a bit of a park on either side of the river, so I just ran along the river, crossing cool bridges along the way. By the time I got back it was hot as monkey poo in the desert and rush hour was starting.



  • Date: March 27, 2012
  • Distance: 1.86 Miles

Zac and I ran the 1/4 mile up to another park nearby, looped it three times, then jogged to 7/11 and walked home. Too many beers with our British friend the night before for a stellar performance.

  • Date: March 26, 2012
  • Distance: 4.46 Miles
  • Solo

Running in Bangkok is both good and awful. I tried to run the 1.2 miles to the park, but that took almost 20 minutes because of traffic lights, sidewalk vendors, and workers heading to the office. That was pretty awful. Once I got to Lumpini Park, it was pretty nice, but the loop was a bit shorter than I would have liked. There were plenty of people running and walking in the park, so it was a nice change from the looks I got running in Indonesia.

Phuket – Kata Beach

  • Date: March 18, 2012
  • Distance: 2.68 Miles

This was a great run, but after 3 weeks of no training, I was definitely feeling the fading fitness. Zac and I ran along the beach as far as the path would let us, then turned around and headed back to the hotel. It was a pleasant run, though incredibly hot.


Nusa Lembongan

  • Date: March 11, 2012
  • Distance: 4.6 Miles
  • Solo run

Successful run on Nusa Lembongan. It was slow and steady, but definitely nice. There are plenty of places to run on this island, and you can avoid traffic and run through the villages.

Kuta Beach

  • Date: March 7, 2012
  • Distance: 0.31 Miles

We attempted to run in Kuta Beach, but it was an epic failure. The streets were too crowded and crazy, and then a quarter mile into it, the skies opened up. Ah well.


  • Date: March 3, 2012
  • Distance: 2.4 Miles

On the last day in Singapore, a short run at dawn kicked off the trip. We found a little park around a lake, leading to the river. It was very pleasant and picturesque; I kicked myself for not bringing a camera. We’d done some hiking the day before, and found that there are some really great running trails at the Bukit Timah and Macritchie Reserves. Next time!


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