The Next Big Adventure


We’re heading back to our favorite foreign country: Japan! Departure dates: Jan 22 for Caitlin, and Mar. 22ish for Zac. :)


Okay, so maybe it’s not really an adventure, but, it’s where we’re headed! After about 10 months in Peru and 2 weeks in Mexico, we’ll be with our respective families on opposite coasts for about 6 weeks. Then, we head back to our home base of San Diego for at least a year of surf and sunshine. (Yay, sunshine!)

We were thinking about heading over to Japan right after Peru, but with Passport renewals coming up and the ever-increasing issues with Fukushima’s radiation, we’re putting it off for at least another year. Don’t worry though, we’re not done with Asia yet! Thanks for following us all around the globe, and we’ll keep on doing stuff to keep you interested. See ya in San Diego!


It’s about as official as it can get. January 2013 = Peru.

After our first few weeks traveling in Asia, Zac and I started to realize how much of the world we haven’t seen. Neither of us has any desire to pursue a 9-5 career back in the states, so we’ve signed up to teach English as a foreign language, and our next stop is Peru.

It’s a relatively simple procedure. We’re taking a certification course this fall, then hopping on a plane in January. Neither of us will have a job before we get there, but we’ve already see tons of job postings for this semester, so it shouldn’t be too stressful. Plus, we’ve still got some leftover savings from this trip, as well as our freelance clients.

Zac’s got a bit of a background in Spanish, but I can hardly roll my ‘r’s’ so this should be interesting. I just hope Rosetta Stone can get the job done. I’m sure I’ll update this a bit more this summer, but SEE YA IN PERU!

Southeast Asia!

At 11:40am on Tuesday, February 28th, Zac and I head off to Singapore, the first stop on a 3-month backpacking trip throughout Asia. The running and race options may be few and far between, but I’m determined to drag Zac with me on short runs at least twice a week. Check out the blogroll to see how successful or futile my efforts are, and follow us on our next big adventure!


Quick little preview of the trip…

Our itinerary is pretty loose, but here are the tentative dates of where we’ll be at any given time:

Mar. 1-3            Singapore

Mar. 4-6            Jakarta, Indonesia

Mar. 8-12            Bali, Indonesia

Mar. 14-17            Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mar. 19-21            Phuket, Thailand

Mar. 22-25            Bangkok, Thailand

Mar. 26-30            Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Apr. 1-3            Cambodia

Apr. 5-7            Da Nang, Vietmam

Apr. 9-11            Laos

Apr. 13-22            Ha Noi, Vietnam

Apr. 23-30            Hong Kong, China

May 1-5            Taipei, Taiwan

May 7-10            Shanghai, China

May 11-16            Beijing, China

May 17-20            Seoul, South Korea

May                         Osaka, Japan

May                        Sapporo, Japan

May 20-29            Tokyo, Japan


4 thoughts on “The Next Big Adventure

  1. Jayme

    When you do Vietnam, try and get to Hoi An (near Da Nang) – charming little place, you don’t need more than a day (or even less) to see the whole thing, but it’s a very cute little town. I STILL regret not taking a motorcycle tour in Vietnam, so if I were you, I would definitely go for it.

    I’m still super jealous.


  2. Sheila

    Wow! Hope you have a great time. We will definitely be following your travels with a lot of envy in our hearts.

  3. Wille

    Hey there, I am just wondering, how did you see the job postings? Was there a certain site you looked at? As well, how were you able to find an apartment?

    • Hi Wille,

      We found a lot of jobs on Craigslist,, and If you are heading to Lima, I’d be happy to send you some schools I recommend.

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